We are producing increasingly datasets. Their formats are heterogeneous and not always easy to handle. The needs are not only to exchange datasets, but also to link them in order to extract the particular value for our own business.

Datalift is an original platform dedicated to the exploitation of data. In Datalift, the input data are raw data coming from multiple heterogeneous formats (databases, CSV, XML, RDF, RDFa, GML, Shapefile, …). The output data produced are « Linked Data », they are also named semantic and interconnected data. The Datalift platform is actively involved in the Web mutation to the Linked Data.

The originality of Datalift fonds of its architectural, functional and technological characteristics, but also to the nature of the treated data. This « data lift » is derived from a research and development project launched in the last quarter of 2010 and supported by the National Research Agency (ANR). The objective of the project was to promote the emergence of Web data by industrializing and facilitating the structuration, the publication, the interconnection and the use of a critical mass of data.

Today, the project goal is reached: develop a platform to publish and interlink datasets on the web of data. Datalift is now a solution that allows the publication of valued datasets including from a network of partners and provides a set of tools to facilitate the process of publishing linked datasets.